My experience

I have 20 years experience as a medical doctor, am trained as a therapist (in bodywork, gestalt, zen counselling), as well as a family constellator and facilitator of meditation, and I am also the author of the book 'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss'.

Experience with eating disorders and depression

Twenty five years ago, I had anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa for six and two years respectively; and up until August 2015 I had five prolonged depressions, the last one of which lasted for two and a half years. Maybe you have struggled even longer with any or all of these. I know what you are going through in that case. But even without any depression or eating disorder, you can still be disconnected from yourself.

'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss'

I have written in my book 'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss' how consciousness brought me out of my depressions.

From searching to finding

After having searched for thirty years in very many ways (trainings, workshops, therapies, retreats and education) I am so grateful to have found my own true life, and that I have an enormous motivation to share everything which has helped me. In my book 'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss' I describe my search and my 'finding' as well as many tools which are helpful to live a fulfilling life. This book also gives you a lot even if you are not depressed, because it is about blocks in life and going beyond them.

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