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You might want to spend time since a long time to consciously go inside yourself with your attention to see what is happening inside, in order to experience more silence, energy and joy in life. And one of the next sentences might stop you:

  • can't you solve this on your own?
  • if I wait for some time, it will go by itself
  • I wait until I have more time
  • I wait till I have more money
  • I have no time now because someone else needs me
  • I am afraid of all emotions which might come up

But the fact that you have opened this page from this website, most probably means that also another voice is present in you, which invites you to make the precious journey towards yourself.

Exactly in such a period of hesitation an informal converstation can give a lot of clarity. Four eyes see more than two, and four ears hear more than one pair.

If you recognize yourself in the pages ben jij dit and in hoe het werkt then you can almost be sure that you will have a click with me in this conversation.

What you receive

After our conversation you will:

Contact me by phone or via the webform to make an appointment.

I am looking forward to meet you, so that you can pour everything out of your life what is available for you.


What can you expect from me?