Find out what disconnects you from yourself

Maybe you have tried a lot of things already, such as therapy, counselling, yoga, mindfulness, coaching, workshops, tai chi, or reading books.

What does it mean if this didn't give you the fullness of life you were longing for?

It is because what is required is a combination of different inputs which each reinforce one another. These inputs are consciousness (meditation), insight into your family system (family constellations) and deep relaxation.

Why is the connection with yourself often so difficult?

This is because throughout education and in school you have often been compared to others, and you've learned (in the necessary process of learning how to live in society) to focus your attention on things outside yourself. Emotions such as anger and sadness were often not welcome and you started suppressing them in an attempt to belong.

6 things which are important to enable you to come closer to yourself

While many therapies focus on a cognitive approach to a problem, in fact the solution is usually not found by using your head, but mostly through contact with your body, your emotions and your being..

Often a blockage you are struggling with has to do with an entanglement in your family system. Out of love, you carry a burden for someone else. If you want to go beyond this blockage it is important to get clarity on this entanglement.

More important than the therapeutic technique is that the guidance is provided from a space of love and compassion in a safe environment.

Meditation is essential. Therapy without meditation has no lasting effect. In the end, when you meditate therapy is not needed any more because meditation brings you into contact with your deepest being. .

You do want to change, but at the same time you want things to remain the same, because they are familiar to you. Change means a jump into the unknown; you are going to encounter something which you don't know yet. For this, courage is needed and the readiness to accept the fear which goes along with this.

What you give attention to, grows To make possible the changes you want in your life it is necessary to exercise what helps you. In the past I have often thought that something would suddenly change in a consultation or workshop after which I would be happy. But it didn't work like that. Many drops are needed in a continuous flow to excavate the watercourse of the river of life.

Combining these six principles, a strong foundation is created for healing and spiritual growth.

Do you feel you click?

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I feel Modita's guidance is very good. If we started getting into stories, Modita was able to tell us this in a respectful way. I feel very comfortable with Modita. She is so natural, she doesn't seem superior or inferior. This works very well for me. We were in silence this weekend, but we were always welcome to ask questions. All praise for Modita. To experience this weekend is super. My daughter said after the weekend: "Mom, the way you are responding to me is not normal, it’s so nice". Yes, and that is for sure due to the facilitation. I dare to sink into my feelings because it feels safe with Modita. - Ria