You will flow more
when you deepen
the connection
with yourself

Corona measures

Do you miss the life you are longing for?

Daily life can be a struggle if your head is full of thoughts and you are running all day long.
From the core of your being, you want to live fully from the core of your being .But you have lost the connection with yourself and thereby with life around you.

You can (again) start living a full life

This may seem almost impossible in your current situation, because if you are out of connection with yourself you also lose the connection with everything around you. I know this from my own experience.

During the last twenty years I have helped a lot of people to get back their lives’ flow.

The good news is that I have found useful tools (through my training as a medical doctor, therapist, family constellator and facilitator of meditations, as well as during my depressions and eating disorders) that can help you to deepen the connection with yourself, to feel more at home in your body, to find peace in your head and to develop a more loving attitude towards yourself.

The connection with yourself is essential for joy in your life

I help you to regain your connection with yourself and to live a joyful, inspired life.

If you want to know if my approach resonates with you or if you feel we could click togther, you are welcome for a free consultation.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Then look into my inspiration booklet (for free): 'What Contributes to Bliss', about appreciating difficulties - meditation - recognizing your mother as the source of your life - relaxation exercises - and following your own path.

Or do you first want to know whether this website is suitable for you?

Then read more about who is helped by my offer.

Dear Modita, Your have a beautiful offer of products ('tools') for people, to be able to heal themselves and each other. How 'practising' can you be as a doctor, serving human beings and their wellbeing! But one with both feet grounded in the Earth...
- Ashirda Oosterlee