Do you recognize yourself in the following situations of being out of connection with yourself?

You are very busy in your head. You strive for silence within and being connected with yourself, but you suffer from the many stimuli and the speed of everything around you.

You miss inspiration. You love a life with passion, where you follow your flow. But you experience feeling a void and things have just become a routine.

You are exhausted. You dedicated yourself totally to your work and put everything aside for it. And now you are suddenly finished - your energy, your patience with others and your ability to sleep are gone. The tank is empty.

You fall again and again into the same negative pattern with someone you love. You love your partner, your child, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister. But nevertheless you again and again fall into a destructive pattern, relating with them.

You are gloomy and feel a void. You strive for a life which is meaningful and full of inspiration. But you miss access to this. You are ashamed. Apparently you have everything and yet everything seems pointless.

You have no control over your eating pattern. Everything in your head is about food: "Did I eat too much or does the next binge announces itself? How will I bring down my weight again? Fasting? Even more sports? You don't have energy for other things and avoid contacts. You feel desperate and lonely."

Your life has taken a big turn. You have lost what has given you a feeling of safety and balance for quite a while (your partner, a loved family member, your work, your health) and it has shaken you to the foundations. You feel a void and are looking for a new fulfillment in your life.

You sleep bad. Previously you shut off the lights and fell asleep almost before your head had touched the pillow. But lately you already get nervous when you think of going to bed, because you already know that you will be tossing and turning in your bed for hours without being able to fall asleep.

My approach where I combine active meditations, family constellations and personal guidance has helped many people to connect better with themselves and to (re) discover their flow of life.

I can best guide you when:

Do you recognize yourself in the above?

If so, then I assume that I can help you connect to yourself and from there to reach out to the world around you. I'll help you to tap into a full life, which is already present in you; you're born with it.

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