Because of the Coronavirus, I do not yet offer face massages.

When your face is relaxed, your whole body follows

I was thrilled when I myself received the massage for the first time in the Osho Meditation Centre in Pune, India. I entered a state of relaxation I had never experienced before. My whole body was one whole, and I could not believe that only by my face being touched, the energy in my entire body was flowing.

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • In my house: Kettingstraat 22, 5611RD Eindhoven (1st floor)
  • €70 for 1 massage
    €55 per massage for three massages within 6 months
Only by simple touching, touching with love, the body relaxes.

Deep relaxation

The Japanese Therapeutic Face massage relaxes one on a very deep level. This is because firstly, all the muscles of the face and neck are loosened (we hold eighty-five percent of all tensions in the face), followed by stimulating the shiatsu (energy) points in the face, which brings the whole body into balance.

My clients tell me that they have never experienced such deep relaxation and that everything feels like flowing inside their bodies down to the toes. The relaxation often lasts for days and their sleep deepens.

Natural rejuvenation

In addition, the massage gives a natural rejuvenation of the face. Your eyes become radiant and a vitality from within shines through you. The massage also carries waste away from the face and gives a natural facelift. At the end, I massage your hands and your feet so that you are grounded again. Following this, you can take the time to feel everything that is happening in your body.

"I've had a facial massage from Modita three times now. Thje relaxing feeling you end up with is hard to describe. You imagine yourself in another world; heaven? I might just want to stay on the massage table. Also the following days it was as if I was moving on clouds. So peaceful I have not felt in years. Highly recommended for people who need rest and relaxation."
- Willy van Beek