I love active Osho Meditations, because you can move around in the early stages, make sounds, release your busy head in a playful way... How much easier it is afterwards to experience your inner silence. Meditation is not something serious, it is a discovery from moment to moment.

Osho® Dynamische Meditatie

For me the most healing meditation is the Osho® Dynamic Meditation.

Osho Meditation Course

You can also experience fourteen different kinds of meditation in a Meditation Course.

Osho® Mystic Rose

De Osho® Mystic Rose brings you into contact with your heart and frees your emotions.


With Self-hypnosis you heal your body or an annoying habit (like smoking or an eating problem) from within.

Meditation gives peace of mind & Joy in your daily life

Osho: "There is no such thing as peace of mind. There is only one peace and that is when there is no mind. When there is only watching and nothing to watch, suddenly everything becomes calm and quiet."