Osho®Dynamic Meditation

This meditation has changed my life. I used to carry a big backpack full of pain, entanglements and tensions. And with each dynamic meditation something went out of i, and with each meditation my burden was replaced by joy in life. Now I dance my existence.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic I am not facilitating the Osho® Dynamic Meditation sessions on Sunday mornings at the moment, but you can do it on your own at home.

In this case, you can make the expression in the second stage without any sound, just using your body. My experience is that it is just as effective an experience as when expressing with sound.

The meditation gives you the opportunity to release your tensions and transform them into inner silence and joy in life.

You can express all your emotions: beat, kick, scream, dance, roll on the floor. Where else can you do this nowadays? Waar kun je dat tegenwoordig nog: After this discharge you feel you feel extraordinarily light and with tremendous space, and you are able to reach your inner silence more easily.


"When everything is moving and you have become a cyclone, then become alert. Remember, be mindful - and in this cyclone suddenly you will find a centre which is absolutely silent. This is the centre of the cyclone. This is you - you in your divinity, you as a God."

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The dynamic meditation gave me strength and energy; a very nice energy, which took me beyond my blocks and tiredness.
- Hettie van Happen