Personal Guidance

How to find your unique way to tackle that which you are struggling with?
By not thinking about it but feeling what resonates with you - if you read the text below, is there something in your heartor belly that causes a little jump of joy or recognition?

How to find the right approach when you can't see the wood for the trees?

You want to tackle that which you are struggling with and surf the internet, but you get antangled in the huge range of all possible therapies, workshops and trainings. Everyone seems to have a different answer to your question.

But what is the case?
When the other really listens to you, you find the answer to your question on your own.

If you want me to be an ear for you then you are welcome for a free consultation of half an hour.

How insight through a family constellation frees you from a burden which is not yours

Sometimes life seems like a broken record: the same painful things in for example your job, relationshipos, health, mood or addiction repeat themselves again and again.

Then most probably a (mostly unconscious) entanglement within your family system is the cause of it.

I can help you to gain insight in these entanglements and to initiate a healing movement in your family system by means of a family constellation.

An eating disorder is not the real problem

Most probably you have already tried a lot to get out of your eating problem, including dieting. Why does dieting not help?

Because with dieting the focus is even more on food, where the eating problem is only a symptom of a hunger for fulfillment. And because by dieting you move even more away from a loving connection with your body.

I can guide you on your way out of your eating problem in a way that works. I work from my experiential expertise (I myself have had both anorexia and bulimia in the past and also suffered from over-eating), and from my experience as a medical doctor.

In a depression you step on the brake for a reason

Is everything in your life on the brakes and don't you feel a connection any more with yourself and with everything around you?

You don't step on the brake for no reason at all: something in you is crying to be seen and felt, before life can start flowing again.

After I came out of my depressions I have written the book 'Depression, a Stepping-stone towards Bliss' and I have developed a guidance process that can help you to get out of your depression.

The subconscious carries the key to hearling of chronic illnesses or addictions

Do you struggle for quite some time with something which doesn't pass, such as pain, a chronic disease, itching, fatigue or an addiction?

When you could have done something about it consciously, you would have done it already. The root cause of your problem, however, is in your subconscious. There also your wisdom resides.

With self-hypnosis you can get access to this subconsicous and initiate healing from there. I can guide you in this self-hypnosis process.

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Osho: "Start from this moment to see yourself as the cause of your life and of your world. This is the meaning of being a seeker: taking full responsibility for your being."