What do you long for?

I offer guidance on personal problems in the areas of relationships, chronic diseases, work, finding meaning in life , depression and eating problems.

Meditation Meditation is an essential part of this. You can do the Osho®Dynamic Meditation or follow a meditation course.

I offer as well the Japanese Therapeutic Face massage, which gives deep relaxation and connection with yourself.

Personal guidance

A problem is an invitation for personal growth. The journey you make inside yourself is more precious than the goal you are heading for.


Active Osho Meditations give you the the opportunity to release your busy head first of all, so that you can go on to reach your inner peace more easily afterwards.

How insight through a family constellation frees you from a burden which is not yours

Sometimes life seems like a broken record: the same painful things in for example your job, relationships, health, mood or addiction repeat themselves again and again.

Then most probably a (mostly unconscious) entanglement within your family system is the cause of it.

I can help you to gain insight in these entanglements and to initiate a healing movement in your family system by means of a family constellation.

Deep relaxation

Both the Japanese Therapeutic Face Massage and meditation provide you with a state of deep relaxation in which you can experience again who you really are.

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